What You Need to Know About Alpharetta, GA Building Codes

Building Codes are a very important issue not just for the state of Georgia but for all states and is quite crucial for both local governments, building professionals as well as citizens alike. When it comes to building on Alpharetta, GA, many residents usually have questions on what to do and how to go about getting different permits. This is important as it ensures the safety of people as well as the environment.

To start with, the contractor working on your building project needs to have a Georgia state contractor license in order to get a building permit in the city. Most local Alpharetta plumbers and contractors should have this already, if they don’t, consider finding another contractor. This shows that they are licensed and eligible to do the work. However, there are instances where this is exempted such as when you are the homeowner and need to do some work in your home.

These exceptions also apply should you need to build a fence. If your intended fence is not more than 6 feet tall, then there will be no need to get a permit. However, if you need a permit for siding or roof replacement, then you need to get a permit. Same case to when building a deck, swimming pool or doing basement finishes.

In addition, you can’t hire your own third-party inspector as the city has a policy which ensures that they perform same day inspections, and so using a third-party will not be of any benefit to you

Getting a Construction Permit in Alpharetta

As mentioned earlier, building codes are basically made to help protect citizens, the environment as well as maintain the set city or state standards. It is therefore important to read the building code and understand what’s required for the kind of project you want to start to avoid issues with the local government.

The City of Alpharetta is tasked with enforcing State Mandated Building Codes, the city’s zoning codes as well as some Federal Requirements like handicap accessibility. Both the residential and commercial building have their own codes that have been set by the City of Alpharetta.

This makes it easy for you to know what is needed whether you are constructing a residential or commercial building.

When you need to get a building permit in the City of Alpharetta, you first need to start by submitting a permit application form with all the supporting documentation outlined by the City’s Inspection Division and then taking them to the permit office. For both residential and commercial buildings, there are different procedures required, and it’s essential that you are aware of what’s needed for that project.

Besides, the documents usually describe what drawings need to be submitted, what other information needs to be provided and what pre-approvals and inspections need to be made. In addition, it doesn’t take forever to get your permit applications processed and approved. For instance, it takes between one to two days depending on the workload, to get your permit application for a residential plan approved. Commercial buildings, however, can take up to 10 days in order for you to get feedback in the submitted plans and documents.