Garbage Disposal Repair

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Information About Garbage Disposal Repair

One device that is pretty much straightforward is the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals run on a motor system that basically circulates rotating blades right under your sink to grind up any food particles or waste materials. Because they are used so often in our homes, they easily get clogged or jammed. It’s important that they are kept running and functional as they are attached to the kitchen sink which is one of the most heavily used systems in a home.

Below are some garbage disposal issues and their repair. However, you can’t fix all your garbage disposal issues as some of them need an expert to fix.


If your unit produces a humming sound, but it isn’t working, it probably means that the impellers are jammed. When trying to look into the issue, never put your hand down into the grinding chamber. Turn off the unit’s circuit breakers and then remove the bottom housing so as to eject the blockage from beneath. While you can easily do this by yourself, if you have no idea what to do, it’s advisable to call a professional to get it done.


When you flip the garbage disposals switch, and it doesn’t produce a humming sound, it may be an indication that it’s overheated. Overheating could be as a result of overfilling causing it to trip off. First, look beneath the unit for the red reset button and push it. If nothing happens, find the circuit box and check if the breaker has tripped.